Boxing Reflex Ball: Training Tips


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Social media has made it possible for boxing and MMA to share information without any barriers. Boxing coaches and fighters can share their tips for improving their boxing skills. There are many training tips that can be shared daily, so there will always be some new boxing techniques. The boxing reaction ball is a boxing drill that has been around for many years. It is sometimes called reflex ball but it refers to the same thing. We will be looking at the unique features of this hand-eye coordination tool and how it can help you improve your boxing skills.

Vasyl’s boxing reflex ball is one of the most fascinating hand-eye coordination exercises Vasyl has done for boxing. The boxer was seen repeatedly using a string to attach his cap and punching the tennis ball like a professional. This unique training method has also been recognized by the boxing community.

Why Boxing Reflex Ball?

Boxing requires you to be able to quickly react to your opponent’s movements and execute your punches with precision. You must keep your eyes focused on the opponent. This can be done in sparring, but it is not a good idea. The boxer in front will try to hit you with punches. Although you could spar with other people all the time, this will cause damage and make it difficult to take blows to the head after taking so many.

Training Tips

First, ensure you’re in an area that allows you to move around a little. You can make this your room as long as it allows you to move around. These tips may vary depending on what type of reaction ball your have. There are many types of reflex balls, and we’ve done a review to help you choose the best.

  1. Start with the simplest reaction ball

This will vary depending on whether your reaction ball is multi-level. You can achieve this by using different types of balls that have different bounces. You can have as many as four types of reaction balls with one ball. You can start with the easiest ball and gradually increase your focus.

  1. Speed is key to practice

You should increase your speed as you become more familiar with the higher difficulty reflex balls. Your punch will be faster and bounce back faster if you are fast. Your hand-eye coordination will be greatly improved if you can maintain rhythm and continue striking. It’s not easy to hold the ball for more than a few seconds.


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