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Boxing Gym Basics

  • Boxing is a cheap sport to start with especially if you have a home boxing gym.
  • Although it’s unnecessary to own a complex machine, you’ll still need the basics for your home boxing club.
  • You will need space for training. For extensive training, you will need equipment to protect your hands.

You need to know the basics of home boxing in order to have a safe and effective workout. To punch correctly, you need to have the right technique and skills.

You should also know a number of vocabularies. These are the essential elements of home boxing training.

Boxer stance. Your defense and offense effectiveness will depend on the placement of your feet, shoulders and fists. Your feet shouldn’t be too close or too far. Place your hands at your sides and stand with your feet apart.

Essential punches. Athletes and professional boxers pay particular attention to what punches they throw at heavy bags or to their opponents. There are four types of punches: the jab, straight cross, hook, hook, and the uppercut. You can make combinations once you have learned these punches.

Both offensive and defensive punches. You can defend yourself and attack your opponent with great footwork, stance, fists.

There are many great tutorials available online. Follow the links to get started. Keep practicing and practicing. You can also learn from a trainer at a small boxing club.

Shadowboxing is a Great Option

Shadowboxing is done without the need for any special equipment. It’s beneficial because it allows your body to perform correct movements. It also helps you develop your mind for home boxing training. As this will help you to be able to do the moves correctly, Before you can do boxing, your body and mind must be in top condition.

  • Boxing may seem like an easy workout to some, but it’s actually more difficult when you do stances and footwork.
  • The bodyweight exercises are a great way to increase your endurance and flexibility. These exercises include pull-ups and push-ups as well as lunges and squats.
  • You can also add plyometric exercise to your workout. Boxing gym routines can also include running and jumping.

Tips for Boxing Gym Training

Warning! Always wrap your hands properly and wear gloves before you punch the bag. Hand injuries can happen quickly. This guide will show you how to properly wrap your hands.

Once you feel that most moves and punches are natural and your condition is stable, you can begin to learn how to use the heavy bag.


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