Tips for Making Better Sales Calls


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Sales professionals want to make more calls in 2019, but many in the industry, especially those in sales and management, are still unsure how to maximize their sales effectiveness and maximize call profitability. These nine marketing tips can be used to increase sales productivity, lead conversion rates and overall sales effectiveness over next year.

Sales calls are two-way conversations so it is important to make a good impression. Try these tips from the experienced sales and business coaches at to improve the conversation and land the sale.

Sales calls are an essential part of growing a business and making a living. But, it isn’t always easy. You are expected to make sales calls to clients. Here are some tips to help you land more clients and get better results. This post will show you how to make great sales calls.

The ability to create a call flow is one of the most important aspects of selling. Although the buyer ultimately has the final decision, a well-prepared salesman can have significant influence on the sales call. This post will share 9 of my top sales call ideas, which all have proven to increase your chances of closing more deals.

A successful sales call can be broken down into nine stages:

  • Talk to someone who can help make the right decision.
  • Find the cause of your discomfort.
  • Add value.
  • Give your team a sense of urgency.
  • Talk about what you are doing.
  • Discuss the possibilities.
  • Reduce the gap as much possible
  • All objections should be addressed.
  • You can either end the conversation or schedule a follow up appointment.
  • Yes, these sales call tips will help you close more deals.

You can find a lot of bad sales advice online, especially when it comes down to sales calls. Jacco van der Kooij has just written a great article about why you shouldn’t blindly follow thought leaders, and how to identify authoritative voices on a topic.

This is my bio to provide some background information. I am a 15-year-old sales professional!

Here’s a plan to help you make sales calls.

Double-check you are speaking with the decision maker.

Double-checking that you are speaking with the right person is the first step. This person will handle everything that is related to the service or product you are selling.

Consider these Questions When Approaching Prospects:

  • “Am I speaking with a proprietor?”
  • “Are You the Only One Who Makes Decisions?”

It is not a good idea to have conversations with people who aren’t part of the decision-making process.

Transactional sales are unique in that only one decision maker is involved and typically there are only a few gatekeepers.

Here’s a tip to help you deal with gatekeepers during a sales call

Give them a taste and some value so that they understand your call is important.

Find out the cause of their suffering

prospect pain point sales hacker

At this point, the addiction model starts to emerge. Once you have the right person on the line, you will need to convince them to admit that they have a problem.

Examine the business, past, experience, and level of comfort.

Ask the questions that will lead you to the answer. For example, “I don’t know how to do that” or “I have never done that before.” This is the place where you’ll find the root cause of your discomfort.

They won’t believe it unless the prospect says it. When it is spoken from their mouths, it becomes real. Only then can people become open to change.

Increase the value of your business

  • After your prospect has admitted to their problem, you can convince them about the importance of the issue.
  • Individuals may not realize the benefits of taking action even if they are aware they have a problem.
  • Your prospect should feel motivated to change as you educate them.
  • Think about those who can still function as addicts. They might be aware of the problem but not motivated to act.
  • They don’t realize the importance of making a change. It is your responsibility to convince them.
  • It is a great way to increase value by telling stories in your sales pitch.
  • My experience has shown me that storytelling is the best way to connect with your pitch.
  • You can tell them about a positive experience with a customer in the past or an anecdote to support this idea.
  • Create a story about what happened when the idea was not implemented correctly and what resulted.

Real-life Example: I saw a man in a soccer shirt at a conference and said that his team was a rival of mine. (I am a Liverpool fan #ynwa). We began to talk about soccer and I used it as an example to show how his company was feeling and the benefits of resolving it.

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