The Six Best Cold Emails


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They Have Ever Sent

We get many cold emails in our field of work. One of these emails stands out. This is actually a cold email from Skyhound, a man who runs the company. He is a software engineer. He wrote a post on cold emails. He claims that he sent them to thousands of people asking for their help. Over 6,000 people have commented on the post, mostly complaining about its poor quality and more than 30,000 people have viewed it.

Cold emails can be a great way for you to bypass the gatekeepers, start a conversation and get the attention of someone at an organization that interests you. Cold emails are difficult to write well. They are often just a copy and paste of a sales message with some modifications.

Your business’s success depends on the first cold email that you send. Even if your contact list is not going to be in touch, it’s important that you do. You will most likely be rejected initially. You will eventually get a response if you continue to send cold emails and keep following up with emails that show interest in the business of the person. These are some of my favorite cold emails. Let us know your thoughts.

Cold email templates can be a great way to learn the basics of email copywriting as you build your campaigns. It would be great if you could get inspiration from some of the most successful cold email campaigns ever sent.

Here are six great cold emails that have been sent by salespeople and marketers. I also included the elements that made them so successful. Take a look at the examples below to learn how you can make cold email marketing more efficient.

  • The email “Congratulations for your new role” prompted a lead request a meeting
  • This article was contributed by Caroline Ostrander (HubSpot’s Manager for Freemium Services).
  • Scenario: I was looking for a way to establish rapport with a prospect just starting their new job.
  • What is the final result? The prospect finally requested a meeting.

Here is the email I sent: Congratulations cold email example

What Makes It Work?

This email’s success is due to many factors. It:

  • As a trigger event, the prospect’s new job is used.
  • Choose a topic line that is both interesting and familiar to increase your open rate.
  • The names of coworkers and previous attempts to help the business are also mentioned.
  • Refers to the situation by suggesting that it is difficult to step into a new role.
  • My skill is briefly presented.
  • Instead of asking for a specific time, ask open-ended questions to get a reply.

It is a smart idea to suggest a meeting to the prospect when they respond. HubSpot Meetings helps me reduce back-and forth communications. This allows prospects to quickly arrange a call by choosing a time that works for them both from my calendar.

The Expert Connections – Creating “Quote request” Email

Ryan Robinson, Writer/Content Marketinger at is a contributor.

Scenario: Before asking our prospect for any in return, we intended to use our Close blog to provide upfront value.

This strategy helped me create one of the most successful emails I have ever sent. Here’s our process:

Ask for a quote from the founder of the company, an executive or business influencer to use in a future article.

Start aggressively marketing your blog article by publishing their quote.

Get in touch with them to update the article and to express your gratitude for their contributions.

This email should highlight early successes such as traffic and social shares.

We prominently highlighted our collaboration opportunity in a blog post that was distributed to our email list and readership. This gives us more trust when we ask for deeper engagement.


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