homeowners insurance claims: Tips for homeowners and renters about insurance claims


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Homeowners insurance claims Report the incident to authorities

This is the first step to take in case of a fire, burglary, vandalism or other trauma. Leaky roofs, malfunctioning HVAC systems, etc. These are not typically reasons to contact police or fire departments. Give all details to police and fire departments if they arrive at your residence. Keep a copy for your records – you will need them when you file your homeowners insurance claims.

Get in touch with your insurance company

Once you have filed a police or fire alarm, contact your company’s claims department or insurance agent. You may be required to notify your insurer within a specific time period after the loss. Be sure to include all details and your policy number when you call.

With your agent, complete a claims form

This form will include all details regarding the incident. Make sure to include all details – take note of the damage, when and how. You can file a claim report for smaller claims. An adjuster may be sent by your agent to inspect the damage for larger losses.

Document the damage

You should take photos of the damage, and keep them with you when you start to clean up. Visually document your home and possessions before you file a claim.

You can make temporary repairs to ensure your home is safe.

While you wait for your claim process to complete, you can make temporary repairs. However, you should check your policy for details about your coverage and make sure to keep your receipts. Do not begin major or permanent renovations or repairs until you have received your compensation.

You can save receipts if you have to temporarily move.

Your policy might cover the cost of moving if you are forced to move. Keep receipts for restaurant and hotel stays – discuss with your agent how you can submit them to be reimbursed.

You must be available

After filing a claim, make sure you are available to your insurance agent or claims adjuster. You can help expedite your claim by answering questions quickly and providing the required information.

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