The Ultimate Guide to Outsourced Sales


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Many companies now outsource sales operations to agencies. An agency is a company that acts as a liaison between companies. Agency will work with the company to promote their product or services. They charge a commission for their services.

This guide doesn’t focus on the company or industry you work in. It’s all about the people you work with and the relationships you build with them. First, you must be able establish yourself as an expert in the field. Then you need to gain trust from your clients.

When time-to-close starts to take control of your business, it’s a good idea to ask yourself “Is this the best use” of your time. Here are six steps to help you make that decision.

A variety of levers can be used by sales leaders and organizations to increase scale, increase revenue, reduce costs, or augment sales force architectures. It is possible to outsource part of or all your sales activities to outside sales professionals. This is a viable and well-proven alternative. This tutorial will show you how to outsource your sales.

Trusting your sales to third-party suppliers may result in better results. The process could not work if neither side prepares or sets expectations.

There are many outsourcing companies out there. But which ones can keep a sales quota while still delivering results?

How can you tell if you are picking the right one?

What impact will collaborating with an outside sales provider have on your revenue and profits

How can you ensure you get the best out of your sales partnership once you have chosen one?

We’ll first go over what outsourcing is and what it does not. We’ll then give you some tips to help choose the best sales solution provider for your needs and get started making money.

  • These jump links will take you directly to the Do’s and Don’ts in sales outsourcing.
  • Give more importance to skills than price.
  • Take part in the relationship.
  • Make sure sales and marketing are on the exact same page.
  • DON’T GUESS RESULTS RIGHT NOW. 6) DO NOT CONTACT A SIMPLE CALLING CENTER. You should look for a legitimate sales company.

How does Sales Outsourcing work?

It is called sales outsourcing when a company contracts with outside companies or people to perform a portion of its sales process. This is possible if the internal sales team lacks the resources and experience to manage all their sales processes in-house. Outsourcing sales can allow sales teams to focus on strategic or tactical tasks at a higher level while also increasing their flexibility.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing

Certain sales positions are not well-suited for people with limited experience and knowledge. Lead generation

  • Scalability issues (only some campaigns require SDRs).
  • Efficiency in terms cost (e.g. Account Executives doing cold calling).
  • It is not a good idea to outsource sales of certain items:
  • Resellers, solution partner, and other indirect channels for sales
  • It is a great side hustle to sign up for commission-only agents.
  • Assigning sales functions (we’ve seen R&D do sourcing)
  • Outsourcing sales offer flexibility.

Changes in sales functions can be caused by the outsourcing or outsourcing of one sales function. That’s a good thing.

Consider the following as an example:

Outsourcing sales development can have a negative impact on Account Executives. SDRs may request completely different sales materials from Account Executives.


Account executives focus on meetings. They explain the benefits and features of the product. SDRs are responsible for securing such meetings.

If you don’t consider this outsourcing sales strategic, it may be difficult to be patient and listen to your customers’ problems, comments, or objections. You may overlook the unique needs of each team.


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