How to Reduce the Cost of Car Insurance


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Where do I locate my Car insurance policy?

Your policy is a legal contract, which is why at first glance, it can seem difficult to understand. The policy will be easier to comprehend if are able to identify what and where it is where it is. Every homeowners and Car Insurance policy is composed of three parts:

  • Declarations page. Here you will find your name, the duration of the policy you’re covered for as well as the premium you paid. The “dec” page also includes an explanation of the coverage provided and gives the maximum dollar limit the insurer will cover for any claim that falls under the coverage.
  • Insuring Agreement. This is the principal part of the policy. It details what insurance companies will do in exchange for the premium you’re paying. The insurance agreements also provide information about who is covered. This covers the people listed on the declarations page as insureds, as well as the residents of the same house and any person who uses the vehicle without permission from the insured. In order to avoid confusion, everything is clearly stated. Read the definitions section and the list of exclusions applicable to each policy. When you use your insurance, it’s essential to be aware of what are covered for and what you aren’t.
  • Conditions for the policy. The last section clarifies your obligations in the event of a claim. It includes information about the time frame you must declare the claim, as well as what documents you need to provide to the insurer. It also explains the terms of cancellation for your policy, both for you and for the insurer. You can cancel your policy at any time, but your insurance provider can terminate your policy in certain circumstances and in advance of notice to you.

Cars that are less sought-after and of low value vehicles are less expensive to insure.

When I was 17 I dreamed of owning my own Ferrari and living in the speed track. Even if I could have bought the car, I would not have had the insurance needed to cover it. You’re 17 and still learning the ropes of driving. Based on statistics, you are much more likely to file a claim for insurance. Car insurance companies don’t like mixing powerful cars with inexperienced drivers. The chances of making a claim go through the roof, as do the costs of the premium. If you’re young and unexperienced, consider buying an inexpensive, low-powered car to try and keep your insurance costs to an absolute minimum. It is more affordable to repair/replace a vehicle that isn’t as valuable as it is when driven around in youthful excitement. This is true for any vehicle. The lower the vehicle’s value, the higher the insurance plan. Insurance policies will reflect the fact that sports and premium cars are more costly to repair when an accident occurs. New cars now feature myriads of driver aids and anti-theft features which in most cases aid in reducing the cost of insurance. Therefore, keep an eye on the specification sheet when looking at a new vehicle. It is generally cheaper to insure lower-value cars.

Age is a major concern

I mentioned it above and it is worth repeating. Generally the younger you are the more expensive your insurance rate. This is down to inexperience and the idea that no bad thing will occur to you. Statistics prove contrary, which can be shocking to a young driver who gets in a crash wondering how it could have happened to him. Driving experience and age are usually related and can result in the possibility of reducing the cost of insurance – no matter what age you are you will benefit from advanced driving training and many insurance companies offer discounts for these qualifications. There may be only 5-10 per cent saving for the course, but on a premium of PS1000 it’s worth the saving and it is there for a long time, so it should be a good investment and will make you more efficient as a driver.

Continue to increase your bonus no-claims

The longer you accumulate without having to make a claim, the better as most insurance companies will give you an insurance discount for this. You are effectively proving that you’re a good business to have and because you haven’t made any claims, you’re a good risk for them to underwrite. There’s nothing you can do here just keep your nose clear and avoid making a claim. Don’t file a claim for comprehensive insurance if you have a low-value vehicle. It will decrease your no-claims bonus. It may be for a tiny amount of money and you may end up paying the bulk of it, contingent on the amount of excess. In that case, provided you have not caused harm to any other vehicle or property, if you are not a nuisance, just keep your mouth shut, fix it yourself and your savings on no-claims bonus will be sweet the next year. At that the future, once you’ve earned three or more years no-claims bonus, you’ll be able to safeguard your bonus, which means that even if you do make another claim, you won’t lose the bonus.

Convictions aren’t cool.

If you are an inner-city teenager then an ASBO might be a badge of honor. Insurance companies are less impressed by convictions, and it is best to avoid them if you can. Even though minor speeding violations are not as serious as serial murderers, they won’t cause a reduction in your insurance rates or make you look bad.

If you have an garage, make use of it

What are garages used for? Ask the average person and they’ll inform you that garages are used to store all of your games, gym equipment for home use, bikes, freezer, tumble dryer, and other things that are common to the home. Garages are used to store your vehicle when it’s not in use. The fact that it puts a physical barrier between any criminals who might steal your vehicle is a great thing and insurance companies for cars will be aware of this and cut your insurance premium when you park in a garage for the night. Garages can help lower your cost; it doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Anti-theft devices

Modern vehicles have immobilizers and alarms which are factory installed. If you inform your insurance company, they’ll examine the devices to ensure they comply with the established standards and will offer discounts when needed. There are other options that are sloshy in the passenger footwell until you park. They then attach to your steering wheel or gear-stick. These are mechanical devices , and certain models can be discounted if used, just be sure to research before purchasing. Thatcham is an organisation which grades security products. A good mechanical security device will have its Thatcham approval prominently. It is also possible to get any premium discounts. Be cautious when choosing.

Use a reputable broker

Car insurance is a huge industry, with over 30 million vehicles operating on UK roads, so there are a variety of insurance providers to pick from. Ironically, many of the names you are familiar with are the result of huge marketing campaigns that were run via television, online, and offline. Regardless of the message, those marketing campaigns need to be paid for and that means they may not actually have the best rates, however the sheer scale of some of these companies means that they will have a high cost because of underwriting or buying power. The best advice is to evaluate a few different prices from different companies. The insurer should be contacted first, and then call a comparable competitor and then perhaps an insurance broker for small cars. It is recommended to give them an estimated price and they’ll ask you to confirm it. Generally , if they are in the company, they will know the price they can beat. If a broker claims they are unable to match the price, then it is likely that you’re close to the lowest price. You could be talking to someone who is not an expert in the area.

Be careful when looking at prices on price comparison websites.

There are many price comparison sites around which promise to drive the price of your insurance down – Money Supermarket, Go Compare, Confused etc. These sites can aid in reducing the cost of insurance, because many of the major companies are competing to get customers using the same platform. Where these price comparison sites aren’t as effective can be found in their advice on the sort of policy that is right for you and your car. Is comprehensive insurance cheaper and more suitable than third-party fire and theft? It isn’t possible to ask price comparison websites for advice. This is why specialist car brokers are the most reliable. It’s the same as buying a home without doing a survey. It might, and then it will sink into the ocean. You’ll be praying that your insurance will protect you. The key point is that you shouldn’t purchase insurance without consulting a professional.

Get your phone out

The internet is a fantastic shopping and selling tool You’ve heard my thoughts in previous articles however, if you speak with an actual person from a brokerage then you have an increased chance of getting cheaper insurance for your vehicle. If they’re interested in the business, they will be able to address any questions you have and help you understand your needs. They might also be able to delegate the cost (settle the price) in the event that it is needed. There is no substitute for human interaction, just make sure you contact at least three brokers in order to obtain the most accurate information.

Have a fantastic postcode

The cost of insurance will be lower if reside in an area that has less thefts and claims than a crime hotspot. If you can afford it relocate to a luxurious area and you’ll benefit from lower insurance premiums. This isn’t the most efficient method to reduce insurance costs.

Mileage and Use

You are more likely of being the subject of a claim if you drive more. This is a straightforward fact. Your insurance premium should be lower if you’ve fewer miles. Do not lie but, if you exceed the mileage stated could cause your insurance to be invalidated.

Married with children

Insurers like selling insurance for cars to mortgaged couples who are married and with kids and jobs. You are very easy to verify your credit score and usually show responsible behavior which hints at a lower risk for the insurance company. This could reduce the cost of car insurance.

Do not modify your car

Everyone sees the flashy vehicles that populate Supermarket car-parks at night. No matter if you like them or not, the fact remains that any modification to the car you own will increase your insurance costs for cars. Modifications may draw attention, invalidate warranties, and in the case of exhausts that are loud, could also be illegal (if above the noise limit). This could also cause you to lose your insurance. The reality is that car makers spend a lot of time developing their products to ensure they function effectively, but if you change their products, it’s gone and your insurance company is likely to be wondering what he should charge . And the cost will be almost always higher than the cost of a standard car.

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