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Wimbledon 2023 draws near and the qualifying rounds have concluded, clearing away the field in time for draw day and draw time to begin. Fans have two weeks of tennis action ahead of them with Novak Djokovic as odds-on favourite for his fourth Wimbledon title consecutive win, although World No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz will provide his perspective alongside Daniil Medvedev who returns after two years away. is your go-to source for tennis and football statistics.

Latest Wimbledon Odds:-

  • Novak Djokovic: (-145)
  • Carlos Alcaraz: (+325)
  • Daniil Medvedev: (+2000)
  • Jannik Sinner: (+2000)
  • Alexander Zverev: (+3300)
  • Nick Kyrgios: (+4000)
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas: (+5000)
  • Andy Murray: (+5000)
  • Matteo Berrettini: (+8000)
  • Felix Auger Aliassime: (+8000)
  • Taylor Fritz: (+4000)
  • Casper Ruud: (+10000)

This guide is designed to assist with understanding Wimbledon betting. Our team of tennis betting experts examine the top players and odds, then offer professional analysis in order to assist with placing more profitable betting options and provide Wimbledon 2023: Roger Federer to be honoured with Centre Court ceremony – BBC Sport information regarding which sportsbooks offer superior betting opportunities in Wimbledon betting.

How to Bet on Wimbledon?

For an easier way of betting on Wimbledon, sign-up at an online sportsbook that is highly-regarded among customers such as Bovada. Here, you will be able to take advantage of top odds as well as 75% of a $750 welcome bonus when joining.

Here are some of our predictions for this season of Wimbledon:

Novak Djokovic (-145)

Anyone familiar with Djokovic will not be surprised to hear that he is the odds-on favorite to win Wimbledon once again this year – although what may come as a shock is entering as world No 2 after already taking home two grand Slam titles earlier in 2018. With already breaking Roger Federer’s record of 24 Grand Slam championships already, Djokovic’s goal is a remarkable 25 Grand Slam titles before entering as world No 2.

Avoid being deceived by rankings; Novak Djokovic stands out as an authority on his surface and hopes to capture his third Career Grand Slam title. Can anyone stop the “Rubber Man?” It seems unlikely. With his expertise, endurance, and determination to prevail which many other players lack currently he seems almost certain to win all five sets in five sets – your only decision should be whether you wish to place a huge wager for him as sole winner or simply wager on individual matches of his. offers worldwide coverage for tennis events of all levels with up-to-date information and full stats analysis of each event.

Carlos Alcaraz (+325)

It has caused some consternation that Carlos Alcaraz unexpectedly rose to number one in the rankings just prior to Wimbledon, due to Carlitos taking advantage of Wimbledon not being eligible for ranking points in previous years and consequently making gains at that cost. This resulted in his points becoming unbalanced as Wimbledon became exempted of ranking points altogether and therefore creating an uneven playing field between him and Carlitos.

Do you consider him worthy of being the top player heading into Wimbledon? While it might not seem important, what matters for tennis bettors most is how their play will translate on grass courts. Alcaraz currently ranks second on all betting websites for sports betting; however, he has only ever advanced beyond the fourth round at Wimbledon once before and hadn’t experienced it much until his recent performance at Queens.

Alcaraz acknowledged it took him some time to settle into his stride on grass the first time around, though he managed to beat Dimitrov and DeMinaur in three sets, though this would differ considerably when facing Novak Djokovic over five sets on grass. Do we think Alcaraz could win Wimbledon this year or not? He certainly has all of the tools required for victory; people often discuss his “complete game.” However, we believe his cost may be prohibitively expensive, making betting on his chances at the event in 2023 too risky an investment option.

Daniil Medvedev (+2000)

Daniil Medvedev (+2000), known by his nickname of the Octopus, made for an excellent start to 2023 as he won two consecutive ATP titles before his streak was cut short at the French Open by Brazilian upstart Thiago Seyboth Wild in the opening stage. Although this result is debatable, Daniil has always shown disdain towards clay courts; now back on grass despite never making it past fourth round at Wimbledon; luck seems mostly on his side.

Daniil Medvedev was not allowed to play at Wimbledon 2017 due to a ban on Russian players, although his fourth-round loss against Hurkacz wasn’t helped by rain delays either. We appreciate Daniil Medvedev’s style at Wimbledon 2023 with such an affordable cost that his appearance can’t be ignored; not to mention, his victory against Novak Djokovic in Grand Slam final gives us reason for optimism for future matches against Novak.

Alexander Zverev (+3300)

Bookies have placed Alexander Vverev as an outsider at Wimbledon. But any German would probably back this former first choice until recently! However, prior to Zverev’s devastating ankle injury sustained during French Open semi-final play many believed he’d win at least one Grand Slam tournament soon enough – not if.

Amazingly, Zverev has come back strong from injury-induced hiatus to reach the French Open semi-final this year – an incredible accomplishment which marks him out as one of our dark horses for Wimbledon 2023 victory. At ease on grass with strong serves and unconcerned about epic five-set matches; his only potential issue may be fatigue when reaching quarter-final stage matches.

Nick Kyrgios (+4000)

Ah, where to start with Nick Kyrgios?

Kyrgios has yet to play one match this year and was defeated in Germany’s first round by Yibing Wu earlier in June, making a single Grand Slam attempt that season impossible due to facing Novak Djokovic in the final. As things stand now though it seems highly likely he will make his grand slam debut if given enough chances at Wimbledon next year.

Kyrgios can only match Novak Djokovic when in top condition and fitness, yet neither player have ever managed five-set epics at Wimbledon. We hope 2023 may be his year.

Outright Winner at Wimbledon

Wimbledon can only truly be enjoyed if you can pick an absolute winner that will provide entertainment throughout. Unfortunately, Djokovic seems the likely victor this year and it seems difficult for anyone else to dethrone him; yet other contenders besides Djokovic and Alcaraz are available at significantly longer odds; thus if you wish to place bets in any dark race this season then by placing even small stakes you may be successful in picking someone successful!

Set Betting on Wimbledon

Set betting involves guessing the correct score of a match that could end in three of six possible ways for either Player A or Player B; that way it makes it much simpler than trying to predict soccer scores! But setting betting might provide more value than moneyline even though theoretically more challenging.

Imagine wanting Novak Djokovic to sweep away his opponent in three straight sets by betting the moneyline; however, odds may be far too low; alternatively you could set bet using 3-1 odds instead. Set betting also works well if an underdog looks likely to fight hard but lose nonetheless; placing such bets provides better odds.


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