Long Distance Towing can handle your California to New York car shipping needs


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Long Distance Towing has the expertise to transport all types of vehicles. This includes four-door sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and classic cars. We are committed to providing reliable and safe transportation for your vehicle at an affordable price. Transport professionals with decades of experience have been shipping all kinds of vehicles. Our expertise extends to long distance shipping, including the California-to-New York route. Long Distance Towing strives to treat our clients professionally, fairly, and offer free estimates as well as fair prices. Long Distance Towing can provide car shipping services from California to New York. Call Us Now At (800) 616-6045 to talk to an agent and get a no-cost quote for car towing from anywhere in the nation. Long Distance Auto Transport offers the best experience in California car shipping companies.

  • Get competitive auto shipping rates for every California-to-New York car transport.
  • Long Distance Towing is the best choice for your auto shipping needs. We are the best.
  • We will treat your car like our own.

Long Distance Towing is a trusted name in customer service and has been in business for 20 years.

We will ship your automobile from California to New York for any reason.

Many circumstances could lead to a client needing to ship an automobile. Many military families need to move fast. Every day, corporate relocations occur. Many people love their vehicles when they travel. College students need reliable transportation.

Long Distance Towing guarantees that you will be able to ship your shipment from California to New York.

Your vehicle arrives promptly and safely

All vehicles come with a Damage-Free Guarantee Direct Connect will pay all costs in the event of any damage.

Highest standards of customer service and communication. Assisted by the most advanced technology in the auto transportation industry.

You can also buy a classic or daily driver online. However, you may not be able to pick it up in person. Long Distance Towing can ship any vehicle from California to New York in perfect condition. There are many options for shipping vehicles. We offer a fully enclosed transporter for vehicles that need extra care or an open transporter which is perfect for clients who have limited budgets. Let us help to decide the right transporter for you.

Long Distance Towing is able to help you if you have vehicles that you need to move from California to New York. Long Distance Towing can also help professional athletes and other organizations who may need to ship multiple vehicles.

Daily pickups in California

California is an American state that lies on the West Coast of North America. California, also known as the “Golden State”, is the most populous US state with 38,802,500 people. Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento are the major cities. California Department of Transportation is the state’s transportation department. (CALTRANS). California’s most popular routes include Highway 1, Highway I-5 and I-8. I-10, I-15 and I-40 are also very popular. Route 1 is nationally regarded as one of America’s most scenic routes, because it runs along the entire Pacific coast of California. California also has the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s Wonder of the Modern World. The Golden Gate Bridge, which is nearly 2 miles in length, connects Route 1 and U.S. Route 101. The Golden Gate Bridge is known as “The Most Beautiful and Certainly the Most Photographed Bridge in the World”. Hollywood is another major draw, with many stars living and working in this area.

Door-to-Door Delivery in New York

New York is a U.S. State that is located in the United States’ north eastern and mid-atlantic regions. The Empire state. New York’s population was 19,746,227 as of 2014. The major cities are Albany, New York City and Buffalo. Highway I-87, I-88 are the major highways in New York. New York Department of Transportation is the name of the department of transport. (NYDOT). New York is home many landmarks including Central Park. Central Park, New York City’s central park, is an urban park. It was first opened on 778 acres city-owned land in 1857. Later, it was expanded to its current 843 acres. The Statue Of Liberty, a massive neoclassical sculpture, is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. The Hudson River, a river that runs 315 miles from north to south through Eastern New York, is another. Lastly, The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City and is one of the oldest bridges of either type in the United States.

Perfect for Seasonal Moves

Direct Connect can help with seasonal moves, such as sending students off to college. Student need a car to get around campus. If college is far, it can be difficult. We can ship your vehicle from California to New York and then return it for you holiday.

Many military families need to move quickly, from California to New York to anywhere in the country. We can help you ship quickly so that you can plan your move with no worries.

To get an instant quote and see how easy Long Distance Towing is, call or fill out the online form. Long Distance Towing is the only company that can guarantee customer satisfaction after over 20 years of being in business.


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