How to Pick the Best Health Insurance for Traveling Nurses


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Finding coverage for health insurance for nurses who travel can be challenging when they’re constantly traveling and faced with several options. While numerous organizations provide travel nurse health insurance policies, these may not always meet your specific needs and could even prove expensive or lacking variety compared to if bought separately. My Private Health Insurance offers travel nurse health insurance solutions to families, individuals and companies of all sizes.

What are the insurance options for traveling nurses?

As a travel nurse, one of your primary options for health coverage is usually provided by the agency. If this plan does not suit you, consider these alternative health coverage solutions:

Downsides to agency health insurance

Travel nurse services often provide health insurance plans, eliminating the need for nurses to purchase their own. While this might seem appealing at first, there can be significant drawbacks associated with adhering to an employer-provided plan.

Short-term health insurance options

Short-term health insurance provides another alternative way for traveling nurses to cover insurance. They tend to be less costly than employer-sponsored plans and come equipped with less features; making them an appealing solution when changing jobs or need help paying expenses; though keep in mind these plans may restrict coverage depending on prior circumstances, or refuse payment in cases of illness or treatment procedures.

‍Nurses getting individual (private) insurance

Nurses who travel often opt for private health insurance plans as these policies offer flexible coverage without gaps; should you need to take time off prior to beginning another job, your health coverage won’t lapse and be lost without worry of losing its coverage.

What is the best health insurance option for nurses

At a time of rising demand for qualified nurses nationwide due to the coronavirus outbreak, not having to consider insurance plans is a relief for nurses who travel for work. As we understand the hassle and expense involved with switching insurance plans regularly when your contracts expire and you move from state to state, having access to a national PPO network with well-known brand name providers would be ideal. United Healthcare or Cigna PPO Network may be best for each individual care worker; ultimately it’s up to each of us. Membership of either of these nationwide PPO networks means care workers no longer have to worry if their coverage extends into each city or state where they sign contracts.

Here are some pointers to consider:

  • Compare the costs associated with insurance through an agency with those of your individual health plans.
  • Ask your recruiter if the company would offer additional compensation if you opt to carry insurance coverage; these additional funds could go toward covering premiums.
  • Certain companies will allow you to extend your insurance even after your contract has concluded, which is ideal for filling any gaps and refunding any additional payments from future salaries. Be sure to find out if this option is offered by your employer!
  • If you travel frequently and regularly, a private insurance plan could be the ideal solution for you. To be most cost effective with this approach, estimate how much it will cost each year before creating a budget plan accordingly.
  • Make sure that you select a plan with maximum coverage in terms of optical or dental.
  • If you have preexisting issues, make sure that the plan you select covers appropriate healthcare for them.
  • Nurses who don’t work the entire year round may wish to compare the costs of private and agency insurance plans in order to determine which is more beneficial.

Check with your insurance provider if there’s any way you can combine an individual policy and the plan provided through an organization to save money by selecting the most cost-effective coverage area option available through both policies.

Nurses, for instance, will always be needed on the frontlines. Each individual has different insurance needs and requirements, making selecting an adequate plan all the more complex. When traveling abroad it is particularly essential that reliable health insurance coverage exists as you might need unexpected medical assistance that would otherwise go unanticipated – this makes selecting an ideal policy more important than ever when working abroad as it ensures excellent coverage at an economical cost without gaps in coverage or gaps that leave unplanned medical treatment out of pocket.

If your business already has policies in place, be sure to adhere to them to reduce costs and keep costs under control. If not, seek out personal health insurance with outstanding benefits! Contact us at any time and speak to a professional expert who can give an estimate for individual health coverage in your area.

Why and where to get a health insurance audit?

Medical practices that work with insurance companies must remain wary of the validity of claims they submit. Receiving an audit notice from one of your customers can be stressful; here’s what every practice should know about benefits of conducting an insurance audit: Insurance companies regularly perform audits to make sure physicians file accurate, well-documented claims.

Audits typically require documentation from your internal documents or records, in addition to other relevant records, to demonstrate compliance with correct procedures. Practitioners are capable of conducting internal audits for medical insurance providers. It’s essential that practitioners prepare for and identify potential issues prior to being asked by their insurer for an audit.














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