12 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips For More Affordable premiums


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12 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips For More Affordable premiums

It’s difficult to find car insurance and with the multitude of options and sales channels available today, it is often difficult to know how to begin the process. It is much more difficult when you are looking to reduce your premiums without sacrificing either your levels of cover or increasing the risk.

Since motor insurance is primarily determined by your birthday date, age, and your postcode or zip code, short of moving property or getting older, it often appears that reducing your car insurance costs is a difficult job.

It’s not always so! However, regardless of the method you use to buy insurance for your car These 12 tips to save money almost guarantee your rates will be lower when you first sign up and also after renewal. By simply making changes to any of these premium rating factors that go to make up the quotes you receive, could result in a new quote which should be to your advantage.

These tips to save money are described

Before we get started, keep in mind not to automatically renew your policy with the same insurance company. If you look at the costs and coverages of various insurance companies, it is almost certain that you will find similar coverage cheaper.

1. Investigate through the Internet Explore various suppliers

If you received at least PS150 or $200 for a two-hour work period then you’ll be happy. This is the minimum amount you need to look at saving on your annual premiums by spending a couple of hours shopping around for quotations through the Internet.

Visit a car insurance supermarket comparison site. If the premiums are too costly but you love the coverage that is offered by a specific insurance company , go to the company directly and eliminate the cost of the middleman.

The website will direct you to large motor insurance comparison websites that are advertised on TV.

You should also visit an insurance company that specializes in autos. They were previously only available on the High Street but are now appearing everywhere on the internet. No matter what your individual needs, be it lady driver cover or perhaps classic car insurance specialist insurance companies by their very nature usually offer cheaper quotes as they benefit from economies of scale that are facilitated through group purchasing of insurance.

2. Do your research

What are the current TV deals? Every person searching for insurance for their motor is a different person with distinct requirements for coverage. Write down what you think your needs for insurance are and then think about the best places to find companies that meet your needs. For instance, if you a senior citizen You should look on the Internet for auto insurance plans for those older than 50.

3. Select a policy that is easy to understand

If you don’t have to worry about the quality of your coverage and if you just require basic road hazards, so think about one of the policies offered by insurance companies as ‘value-car insurance’. While these policies don’t provide the full protection required by the Road Traffic Act and may only be appropriate for drivers who are young or vehicles that have low mileage, they can still be useful.

4. You should only buy the coverage you really require.

Why pay for car breakdown insurance, or other obscure extras, such as the cost of acquiring a replacement vehicle should there be an accident when you already have AA breakdown cover and another car parked at home you could utilize. Make sure you review your existing policy information carefully and eliminate any unnecessary or duplicate policies.

5. Accept the risk

There are two options available when it comes to taking on more risk with Car Insurance. This is done through deciding how much coverage you require in the first place and the other is to choose between comprehensive or third party with fire and theft options included. The second is that you have the choice to select the amount of the costs of an accident you are willing to cover before calling an insurance company to make an claim. This is referred to as the voluntary excess. It is the amount which will be subtracted from any claim. It’s recommended to pay the costs of repairing your car yourself if they are less than the amount of your voluntary excess.

6. Improved car and location security can lower the danger of vehicles

Additional discounts are available if you park your car away from the street or in a garage at late at night. If you own a classic car that doesn’t have them fitted as standard, fitting security equipment, such as automobile alarms, immobilizers and GPS trackers to your vehicle will significantly lower the cost.

7. Improve your driving or change your lifestyle

Your insurance premiums are significantly raised if you submit an insurance claim for your driving habits or have more than one SP30 to speed. Your insurance costs could be cut by altering how you drive or changing your lifestyle.

8. Reduce the use of your car

You can decrease the time you spend driving your vehicle, and thus the risk you take to an underwriter. Find out how many miles you run up each year and make sure that this is what you’re paying for! False mileage declarations aren’t an option to cut costs. An assessor for claims will record your mileage and any MOT, if there is one. If there is significant difference between the stated mileage and the actual amount that you’ve been driving, you could be subject to having your claim denied or reduced in value.

9. You must pay the total cost upfront

A lot of UK insurance companies will charge extra charges for processing monthly direct debit payments. It is usually a five to ten percent discount when you pay online immediately or by telephone using a debit card.

10. Examine specialist insurance and Car Insurance Schemes

Find insurance companies who specialize in certain car types, such as the performance motor insurance, or for coverage of younger drivers. These insurance plans offer distinct policy options and coverage modified for the particular specialist driver category. They are often far less expensive than the standard insurance offered by comparison sites as they offer bulk buying economies of scale with regard to claims and underwriting, as well as a known risk pool with similar people and cars.

11. Join an auto club

Special affinity rates are offered by a variety of car owners associations and special marques clubs to assist you in getting special car insurance. These clubs are often cheaper than savings of five to ten per cent on your cost of insurance.

12. Complete an Advanced Driving Course

Insurance companies online will help you save more when your driver’s education is accompanied by an ADC (Advanced Driving Skills Course). These courses are offered nationally and the savings you can make each year on your insurance premiums exceed the expense. Young drivers are more likely to save money, and this is one way that they can reduce their monthly insurance for their vehicles.

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